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Multi-function Clock Kit

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This clock kit features: options for zero, one, or two alarms; a temperature display option; time-keeping through power outages; a serial port; a MIDI style output; and 12/24 hour display option. The CK3 multi-function clock kit uses the DB-1 clock display board. The manual for the Multi-function Clock kit is available on the Data & Documentation page. See it on YouTube.

The CK3 clock board and DB1 display board were designed to fit in the following plastic cases: Simco 150X5, Pactec CM5-125 or Bud PC-11402.
A 32768 Hz watch crystal is the time reference.
The clock/calendar chip is a DS1305.
A super-capacitor backup keeps the DS1305 ticking for 8 days during a power outage.
The temperature sensor is a DS18S20.
Accurate within 0.5 C from 0 to 70 C.
Wall transformer supplying +9 volt DC at 100 mA.
2.1 mm barrel connector, center positive.

You will get the CK3 circuit board kit, the DB1 display board kit, a Simco 150x5 case (select black or tan) with red front panel and black rear panel, and a 9 VDC wall transformer. All this for only $60 plus shipping. If you implement alarms or other optional features you may need some wire and switches.

The current firmware version is 2023.11.11.