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Digital Function Generator

View of FGEN1 front panel Oscilloscope view of FGEN1 output Top view of FGEN1 assembled circuit board

The Digital Function Generator (FGEN1) is a unique 8-bit acoustic-frequency arbitrary function generator. A variety of on-board filtering options are available. Function definition files are ASCII text files that can be created by the user. Complete documentation can be found in the user's manual; that, and a selection of waveform files can be downloaded from the Data & Documentation page.

LCD display:
Top line is Waveform data.
Bottom line is Frequency data.
Digital Controls:
Line Select moves the cursor between the Waveform and Frequency line.
Cursor Advance moves cursor to the next frequency digit.
Cursor Increment increments the digit at the cursor.
Filter Bypass bypasses automatic filter bank selection.
Analog Controls:
Gain potentiometer can vary the gain from 0.85 to 2.0.
Offset potentiometer can vary the offset ±0.83 volts.
+9 volt DC supply (wall wart) with center positive barrel connector.
Current consumption < 100 mA at 9 volts.
Fourteen waveforms (00-13) can be stored in onboard EEPROM.
Waveforms can be added or deleted from EEPROM storage using the RS-232 interface.
Frequency is adjustable from 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz with 0.1 Hz resolution.
Circuit Board:
Dimensions: Width = 4.87" (123.7 mm), Height = 5.05" (128.3 mm)
Mounting holes: Width = 4.38" (111.25 mm), Height = 4.0" (101.6 mm)

Price: The circuit board kit is $98.00 not including shipping. The kit comes with all 1% resistors already soldered. This price is only for the circuit board and the parts on the circuit board. The LCD, switches, potentiometers, wiring and case are NOT included.

The current firmware version is 2023-01-18.