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The LP130 general-purpose programmer maintains the primary features of the older LP120 programmer and includes several improvements.

Feature LP120 LP130
Processor MC6803 MC68HC11
Clock Speed 3.6864 MHz 7.3728 MHz
Memory 40K parallel RAM 40K parallel RAM + 256K serial RAM
Size 6.75 by 5.75 inches Same as LP120
Programming Module Connector 22x2 edge connector at 0.156 inch pitch Same as LP120
Power +5VDC @ 750mA and +15VDC (or 14-16V unregulated) @ 1A Same as LP120
Communications RS-232 RS-232 + Bluetooth

The LP130 provides the basic hardware and software tools found in most device programmers. Programming-modules provide the unique hardware required to program specific parts. All programming-modules developed for the LP120 are hardware compatible with the LP130. Device drivers handle the unique software requirements to program specific parts. Device drivers are stored as S19 format ASCII files on the host and execute from RAM on the LP130. The LP130 User's Manual is available for download on the Data & Documentation page. A host computer is required only as a terminal and for ASCII file transfer.

Block Diagram Assembled LP130 circuit board

Price: $115.00 for kit, $150.00 assembled-and-tested. HC-06 Bluetooth module not included.

The current firmware version is 2021.05.31.

Lucid Technologies is constantly adding to the list of available device drivers and programming-modules. If you don't find a particular device on the list let us know.